How It’s Made

How It’s Made

Antiquity Tile is made by hand, one tile at a time. The love of working in clay and pride in our product, drives us to be the best.

Antiquity’s tiles are designed and hand sculpted by owners, artist and sculptor, Brad Wiseman and Paul Spaulding.

Once the tile is designed and carved, a mold is made. Then wet clay is hand pressed into each mold. As the tile is released onto the table, details are added by hand. This handwork adds to the uniqueness of each tile. Once the tiles dry, then the glazing begins. The tiles are either hand painted or dipped with one of Antiquity’s 28 plus glazes. These glazes are uniquely formulated and made by us, for our ceramic line. The nature of the glazes coupled with Antiquity’s wood firing process, gives the tile a lot of variation and a one of a kind look.

Wood firing is the most ancient way of firing ceramic pottery and tile. We, at Antiquity, have been firing wood kilns for almost 40 years. The kilns fire to temps upwards of 2500 degrees, taking almost 36 hours to reach these temps. This creating a “high fired” tile that is vitreous and frost proof. Strong and durable for use indoors and out, kitchens, baths, fireplace surrounds, outdoor kitchens and swimming pools, just to name a few unique uses.

It is Antiquity’s unique mix of designs, glazes and firing process that creates our niche in the American Art tile movement.